There’s also an array of professional certifications that promise to help you get hired as a software engineer. A software engineer, on the other hand, works with designers, programmers, and developers to build applications and systems. The tasks of a software engineer include the development of the operating systems, software design, front and back-end development, and developing mobile apps. Here are some of the important differences between data engineers and software engineers. This subreddit also has some other useful resources on it’s Wiki page, where a large compilation of Python learning resources is listed out to help beginners in their learning.

Finding the latter—a partner—is usually why people use dating apps , but on the journey, you can meet all kinds of people. Is subreddits is a little bit sad, here you can find people who just broke up or can’t find their love for a long time. They write that we all are completely alone, want to find someone with whom they can have a relationship or just seek someone to watch Netflix show together. So, if this atmosphere is close to you, you know what to do. This is a community for discussing the online dating site DoULike. There you can discuss the site, review other users’ profiles, find cool and useful dating tips and advice.

The computer science department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science , as well as Master of Science degrees in Computer Science and Computational Biology . The UC San Diego Computer Science subreddit is a great place to get the latest news, share your work, and discuss all things CS. We were inspired by the Computer Science subreddit at UC Berkeley, which has been going strong for years. We hope we can build on their success by providing a forum for students and professors alike to discuss news from around the world, as well as share their work with fellow students and employers. Marie Clara supports L’Atelier’s research on new opportunities and emerging technologies through qualitative and quantitative analysis as an intern.

Otherwise you can make up a bunch of excuses based on you not being extroverted. There are social introverts, and they find time if they want something. And anyone who blames an external factor on their lack of success in dating usually lack the emotional intelligence to see it’s actually them that is the problem. I wasn’t there very long, the party scene didn’t attract me and I was underwhelmed by the guys I met through student groups. There are many different people in many different fields. And often, if the differences are too huge, these people will not be a good fit.

My Favorite Learning Resources:

Being introverted means you might not have the social skills to interact with the opposite sex. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. Unsurprisingly, the frequency ranged quite a bit from texting once a day to checking in multiple times.

r/learnpython: Subreddit for posting questions and asking for general advice about your python code.

It doesn’t appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Please visit our contact page, and select “I need help with my account” if you believe this is an error. In 2019, your go-to place for a first date might have been drinks at a bar or appetizers at a restaurant. But obviously, in this COVID-19 world, options are somewhat limited. Whether they were seeking a casual situation or something more serious, lots of guys wanted pointers on how to meet new people during the pandemic.

It’s a small school—about 10,000 students—and the campus is in a great location near San Diego Bay. On your own time study for modern web frameworks and modern languages. We tend to forget that these are people behind the screen. Just as verbal violence is a lot more impactful on social networks, less care is put into the nature of the messages people send on apps. I have never gone on a date with someone who messaged, “Come to my place tonight” or “is a one-night stand okay?

Google Data Analytics Certification: An Analyst’s Review! (

This can be especially useful for those of you who are currently sourcing to possible jobs in the data science field. Being a large community, you should expect replies and additional comments on your post within a day or two. Post frequency is pretty high as well with around an average of 5 posts per day. The subreddit also features a Wiki of Frequently-Asked Questions and resources for those interested in learning more about data science.

Moreover, I’ve seen some really useful content, especially those looking for a more advanced and in-depth discussion of deep research in machine learning. If you enjoy diving into the deep end of data science alongside a big community, that this is one subreddit you’ll love. Data engineers build systems that can store, consolidate and retrieve data that’s required for the systems and applications built by software engineers.

In reality, software engineers usually only engage in data infrastructure to a limited extent. Their primary focus is on building websites that function well for the end-user. The task of data engineers, however, is to maintain large datasets and build the structures that house them. So while each profession involves a common background of data management, software engineers and data engineers have vastly different responsibilities. This concludes my ultimate list of 11 subreddits that I personally found useful in my learning journey as a budding data analyst!

Let’s begin with the most obvious subreddit that almost every data enthusiast should be joining – the r/datascience subreddit. Also titled as the Data Science community, this is one of the larger subreddit pages on the topic of data science. This subreddit is used by many data science professionals for discussing topics across all parts of data science. Google uses C++/Java/Python extensively, as well as a number of internal languages, and most of the largest companies will be similar. (In a more specific subfield, machine learning seems to be converging on Python.) So it’s better to get a breadth of experience, and/or take 130 and 134b .

Within Reddit, communities are further divided according to their specific interests and topics and assigned to subreddit pages. Upon joining a community, you can participate in engaging conversations about problems within data science or even share information with other learners. However, this information is shared in a social manner so some pages might even have casual content ranging from memes to videos. This large community goes beyond just the discussion forums within the subreddit page. In fact the Data Is Beautiful community has a Twitter account that you can follow and even a Discord Server where anyone can join in for free for more interactive discussions! In case you’re not aware, Discord is a platform for text and voice chat discussions with a social approach.