Society as a whole, not merely any given set of spouses, benefits from marriage. This is because marriage helps to channel procreative love into a stable institution that provides for the orderly bearing and rearing of the next generation. Marriage as the union of man and woman is true across cultures, religions, and time. The government recognizes but does not create marriage.

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The law teaches, and it will shape not just a handful of marriages, but the public understanding of what marriage is. Government can treat people equally—and leave them free to live and love as they choose—without redefining marriage. Civil recognition of the marriage union of a man and a woman serves the ends of limited government more effectively, less intrusively, and at less cost than does picking up the pieces from a shattered marriage culture. Fathers matter, and marriage helps to connect fathers to mothers and children. Marital breakdown weakens civil society and limited government. In other words, if sexual complementarity is optional for marriage, present only where preferred, then almost every other norm that sets marriage apart is optional.

Yeon Woo Jin is so damn charming in the show, so much so that I wanna get a Ki-tae myself. Her movements are always so dramatic yet still somewhat natural at the same time. Looking forward to see her future projects for sure. Redefining marriage to include same-sex relationships is not ultimately about expanding the pool of people who are eligible to marry. Redefining marriage is about cementing a new idea of marriage in the law—an idea whose baleful effects conservatives have fought for years. The idea that romantic-emotional union is all that makes a marriage cannot explain or support the stabilizing norms that make marriage fitting for family life.

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It can also prevent minor issues from turning into bigger ones. It’s perfectly normal to find someone other than your partner attractive, according to relationship experts. After all, entering a relationship doesn’t switch off your normal biological functioning. Holding hands, writing love notes, or even cooking together can all be acts of intimacy that simply send the message to your partner that you love them and want to spend time with them.

Changing Yourself to Please Your Partner

This is already evident in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., among other locations. Government can treat people equally and respect their liberty without redefining marriage. However, some relationship problems are more complex. For instance, it may help to address issues like substance use, loss of trust, violence, or simply growing apart in couples therapy or marriage counseling. Fortunately, many marriage problems can be worked on—even if only one partner is consciously trying to change, any change can bring a shift in the dynamic of the relationship, which can bring positive results. Being in a marriage sometimes means we get complacent—but you should still be able to have your own sense of self—hobbies, friends, and routines—that will bring joy to your own life and allow you to be an even better partner.

I loved that Jang-mi’s parents aren’t suddenly romantic and that Ki-tae’s mom decided to live with the women who’s been by her side through it all. I just see it happening in real life to these characters who seem so real and alive themselves. Everyone felt organic rather than puppets controlled by a master. Just over half of cohabiting adults ages 18 to 44 are raising children, including about a third who are living with a child they share with their current partner. A majority of Americans (59%) say that unmarried couples who are living together can raise children just as well as married couples; 40% say couples who are married do a better job raising children.

Marriage and Cohabitation in the U.S.

Neither one of these characters were written particularly well – their motives were fuzzy, and they hanged allegiances and directions without notice or reason. But the acting was also very poor – both characters were played by idols, with little acting experience, and it showed. Both of them were more concerned with looking good than showing some real emotion, and neither of them were able to give any unspoken clues about their character. I got so sick of their plastic, enigmatic smiles. I understood the rest of the characters, I felt like they were real people, and then there was Ken and Barbie.

In recent decades, marriage has been weakened by a revisionist view of marriage that is more about adults’ desires than children’s needs. This view reduces marriage primarily to emotional bonds or legal privileges. Redefining marriage represents the culmination of this revisionism and would leave emotional intensity as the only thing that sets marriage apart from other bonds. Marriage is the fundamental building block of all human civilization. Marriage is a natural institution that predates government.

No matter what, abuse is never okay—whether the abuse is physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual. It’s important to seek help right away if you are living in a home where domestic violence takes place. If you can, try to create a safety plan and get to a safe space, such as a friend’s or family member’s home.

Jang-mi wants to know what was in her dad’s postcards to make Ki-tae so sure (he previously told her it was the sweetest love letter he ever read, hee) and grabs them from him. He reclaims them and they adorably tickle-hug-wrestle for possession of the envelope. A passing fisherman picks up the envelope when Ki-tae drops it, and says he knows the man who wrote it, and that he was heading to Seoul today to close his chicken restaurant.

Thanks for sharing, Chandler and alcoholicbubbletea! Joo Jang Mi is exactly how I will remember Han Groo. I know she lived in China as a child, but her Mandarin is seriously so impressive. It shows that when she has something in mind she commits wholeheartedly to accomplish it. She is in some ways like Jang Mi too, esp. in the dating area. 😉
I’ll always remember her as Jang Mi, just like everyone who watched Girl K remembers her as Girl K.

Even the ones with Se-ah and Yeo-reum cockblocking the leads. But somehow I get the satisfaction of seeing the leads jealous of seeing one another with their own respective cockblocker hahaha. Nonetheless, the seconds leads were still bearable imo. If we were to compare, there are definitely many more worse second leads out there. I also loved the realism in their decision to get married. They know firsthand just how badly marriages can go but even so, they’re still willing to give it a try and try their best to love and support each other despite whatever twists life may throw at them.

They find the little pond where Dad’s been spending his days fishing, but he’s not there. Ki-tae notices Jang-mi looks pale and she runs to throw up, but thankfully it’s only from eating so much on a nervous stomach (and possibly also because Ki-tae just grabbed her and scared the crap out of her). As he drives Ki-tae tries to lighten the atmosphere, but he’s thwarted by Jang-mi’s bad mood at every turn.

Rather than taking sides, they will help you and your partner gain perspective and develop the communication skills needed to change the patterns that keep you stuck. While some people think that boundaries create more distance or separation, try to think of boundaries as creating clear expectations for your relationship. Prioritizing listening and responding to each other’s concerns can help each person feel appreciated and valued within the relationship.