Feel free to bring people together, Sagittarius, something you do with great ease. You tend to be the glue in your friend group, keeping the peace so you can develop new connections. This full moon may mark the end of a collaborative project or bring your community into the limelight in a major way.

Since this lunation is ruled by Venus, expect revelations to be all about love, love, love on this day. Since April is mostly a fiery month, this full moon is particularly significant, because it’s shedding light on how important it is to find solid ground and come together. Almost one week later, on April 11, the sun and Jupiter will conjoin in Aries, bringing energetic new developments to your world. Pay close attention to the dynamic, present-day growths unfolding in the Aries-ruled house of your birth chart. The best match Cancer can find is another Cancer. There will be a lot of trust between two Cancers.

The trouble for these two lies in learning to cooperate. They come from such opposite points of view that at times it can seem as if they simply have nothing in common. Deep, emotional Cancer can also sometimes dampen Gemini’s airy enthusiasm, and light, fast-paced Gemini can leave Cancer feeling ruffled, even tattered. Balance can be achieved if they learn to talk openly with one another. Geminis also can have a hard time listening, which could infuriate Cancer’s need to be understood. Gemini may stray away from difficult conversations due to their desire to move forward and Cancer can tend to overshare their emotions, testing Gemini’s patience.

It is often said that Gemini is a superficial sign, but in fact, they like to stay afloat and keep away from difficult conversations because of their need to move forward. Cancer can try to share their emotions too often for Gemini to have enough patience to understand them, and this can be devastating for their emotional relationship. Im very emotional towards him, and im afraif he wont stick around as much as he says he will.

Thanks because I was about to run for the hills. They tend to both like similar things for different reasons. This helps them find a common ground because they can enjoy the same activities in their own ways.

Cons of Gemini and Cancer Relationship

Sag…droopy, slow, not so charming, very little words, “E’ore” disposition, and very stand offish when it comes to fighting for what they love. I absolutely felt a very strong connection to my gemini husband, where as my sag boyfriend was never able to express his feelings. As soon as they meet each other, the dazzling and imaginative Cancer instantly gets enticed by the fun-loving side of the Gemini. Similarly, the twins love the soft and warm side of Cancer and its good nature to care for the people around them. While the sparks might last for some time, taking a step ahead from dating to commitment is an overwhelming task for this pair. Gemini and Cancer are next to each other in the zodiac, and they are likely to be next to each other in friendship.

A Cancer woman and Gemini man’s compatibility rating is moderate at best. Even then, their compatibility is better in friendship than in love and romance. A Gemini man and Cancer woman’s compatibility is typically difficult.

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility in Love

I am a gemini man that is involved with a cancer woman and we’ve been toghether for 8months. For the first 5months things were perfect between the both of us. We were drama free, loving, and caring to one another.

Get this, months later when I do decide to tell him how I really feel. I tell him all the time that he talks what I call “hard.” When he is upset about something, he completely shuts me out. I know that this is his way of dealing with things, but I’m not like that. I do believe he really cares for me, but he is so insensitive. I don’t know how to handle that because I’m a very sensitive person.

She is not the type to be tied down in a relationship — she wants to be free! It’s in the personality of a Gemini to try new positions in the bedroom. Since Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, this woman will be a social butterfly. She’s curious about new people, new places, and trying new things, and will be more than willing to experience life and its excitement any chance she can get.

They do have a few challenges to overcome first, but with love and plenty of communication, they can surmount any obstacle. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this Air-Water combination and how they can find their happily ever after. From their first discussion, the couple feels destined to meet, love, and marry.

Now we just fallen apart and hardly ever on the same page as we were in the begining. A Gemini male has a dual nature, which can get extended to three-four different personalities too. His typical personality traits include friendliness, love for people and getting along with almost everyone.

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No Cancer will be satisfied with a boring emotional life, even though they might seem that way. They will fight for their family, for intimacy and their safe haven, but they will not settle for something that doesn’t excite them at all. In order for the relationship of two of them to succeed, it OnlineBootyCall would be a good idea to experiment a little and show initiative at any time they feel the least bit sexual. To attract a Cancer woman, you will need to be sensitive and understanding. You should also be reliable and stable, as the cardinal water sign cancer needs someone who they can depend on.